Artisan Finalist Blog Hop Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Artisan Finalist Blog Hop!  I hope you are enjoying all of these amazing projects. 

If you started the hop from the beginning, you just finished visiting the amazing blog of Holly VanDyne.  I am always WOWed by her projects and today's project was no exception.

Today, I'm sharing another scrapbook page and this one has a very personal story.  This picture of my daughter was taken in late December 2011.  Two weeks later, Bella was admitted to the hospital due to dehydration, malnutrition, and fever.  We soon found out that she has Crohn's Disease.

I think that was the longest and certainly one of the most difficult weeks of my life.  When your child gets diagnosed with a chronic, life-long illness, you can't help but question everything.  I wondered what I had done wrong.  I wondered what her life would be like in the future.  And I felt like all my hopes and dreams for her had been crushed.

To say that I went through a grieving process would be an understatement. 

Friends and family made frequent visits to the hospital so that I could take short breaks.  During one such break, I was driving in my car and the song, "I Hope You Dance" came on the radio.  I broke into tears.

I suddenly realized that we could face ANYTHING with the right attitude and that this disease was not going to quash those hopes & dreams.

Here is my second project:


At first glance, this will seem like a clean & simple digital page.  There are many overlays and layers that make up the background.  I used shades of Whisper White, Very Vanilla, and Pink Pirouette to create a very soft, feminine look.

The strand of pearls was created by first stamping a Curly Cue from the Notes stamp set.  I lined up 50 bazillion pearls over the line image of the stamp, then locked them all in place.  (Okay, it wasn't 50 bazillion….but it was close!)

Here are the supplies from My Digital Studio:

    Basic Pearls and Rhinestones\Basic Pearls and Rhinestones – pearl large

    _Designer Kits\Twitterpated\Twitterpated – background 3, Color = WHISPER WHITE 255,255,255
    Music Notes\Music Notes – background, Color = 0,0,0
    Notes\Notes – curly cue, Color = PINK PIROUETTE 255,216,209
    Vintage Overlays\Vintage Overlays – texture 4, Color = PINK PIROUETTE 255,216,209
    Vintage Overlays\Vintage Overlays – texture 13, Color = 255,250,226

    Large Photo Corner Punch, Fill Color = PINK PIROUETTE 255,216,209
    Large Photo Corner Punch, Fill Color = PINK PIROUETTE 255,216,209
    Alphabet & Numbers\Smitten Alphabet Punch\Smitten Alphabet Punch – a, Fill Color = BASIC GRAY 118,122,121
    Alphabet & Numbers\Smitten Alphabet Punch\Smitten Alphabet Punch – c, Fill Color = BASIC GRAY 118,122,121
    Alphabet & Numbers\Smitten Alphabet Punch\Smitten Alphabet Punch – d, Fill Color = BASIC GRAY 118,122,121
    Alphabet & Numbers\Smitten Alphabet Punch\Smitten Alphabet Punch – e, Fill Color = BASIC GRAY 118,122,121
    Alphabet & Numbers\Smitten Alphabet Punch\Smitten Alphabet Punch – n, Fill Color = BASIC GRAY 118,122,121

    Designer Series Paper\_Designer Kits\Twitterpated – designer series paper\Twitterpated – 7


Here's how the Blog Hop works. Our blog hop makes an endless loop, so no matter where you begin, you should find yourself back where you started. If you lose your way then you can refer to the list below. If there are ten of us, then why only nine names? Unfortunately Mary Haugen was not able to join us due to technical difficulities.

1.  Connie Collins

2.  Holly VanDyne

3.  Melissa Stout  YOU ARE HERE!

4.  Amy O'Neill

5.  Sandie Conner

6.  Amy Rogers

7.  Mercedes Weber

8.  Tara (Murphy) Bourgoin

9.  Mindy Bingamon


You are now ready to visit the one and only Amy O'Neill.

See you back here tomorrow!


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  1. Holly VanDyne | 10th Aug 12

    Melissa, I LOVED your page the moment I saw it on display! I was born with a neuromuscular disease and I wear leg braces because I have problems walking. When I first heard this song, I cried too – and I’ve tried not to let anything stop me in life since. I was SO happy to see it on your page. Bella is a very lucky girl to have such a fabulous mother! 🙂 And to top it all off, your page is gorgeous! LOVE all the layering and the jewels – BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Tara (Murphy) Bourgoin | 10th Aug 12

    Beautiful project, Melissa. So simple yet so heartwarming. What a wonderful keepsake and reminder for your daughter of how strong and beautiful she is!

  3. Amy O'Neill | 10th Aug 12

    This is a beautiful page, Melissa! And it’s even more beautiful once you hear the story behind it.

  4. Sandra Conner | 11th Aug 12

    Very pretty Melissa! I hope your little girl is doing better. Thanks for the tip about the pearls, it is a keeper

  5. Connie Collins | 11th Aug 12

    WOW, what a touching story. When our children hurt, we as mothers hurt too! We don’t always know how strong we really are until we go through a difficult time. This is a beautiful page about a beautiful little girl. The bazillion pearls were definitely worth it!

  6. Barbara Dykhouse | 11th Aug 12

    Beautiful page, beautiful story! Thanks for opening your heart to us.

  7. Mercedes | 11th Aug 12

    So beautiful! I dedicated this song to one of my girls too & reading your story really touched me. I pray your little girl is doing better. My sister in law has Crohn’s so I know a little about how difficult it can be. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings to you & your family!

  8. Vicki | 11th Aug 12

    This page is absolutely beautiful. I love using MDS2 and had a thought after I saw your page – wouldn’t it be great if we had the option to attach embellishment to a line! No more lining up a bazillion pearls over a line image.
    Best wishes for your daughter’s future.

  9. Amy Rogers | 11th Aug 12

    Great digital page – so much attention to detail. Hope all is going well for your daughter now and in the future also.

  10. Cindy Major | 13th Aug 12

    The page is gorgeous, the picture is stunning and the story behind this page is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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