2010 Scrapbook Club


A new 6-month club is forming now. 

How the club works:  members meet each month to complete a scrapbook project such as a 2-page layout or mini album.  Each member agrees to make a $25 minimum purchase each month for 6 months.  Members take turns receiving hostess benefits from the sales generated at the club.

By joining scrapbook club, you’ll be able to create beautiful scrapbooks, stick to an affordable monthly budge, learn new techniques, and meet new friends.

The club meets on Sunday afternoons from 2pm-4pm at the Stamp Shack, 120 S. Buckeye Street, Kokomo on the following dates:  January 17, February 21, March 14, April 18, May 23, and June 20.

FAQ #1:  What if I can’t attend every meeting or I live too far away to participate?

You don’t have to attend the meetings in order to join the club…it’s just a nice perk!  If you are unable to attend a meeting or if you join as a long-distance member, you simply need to submit your $25 minimum monthly order prior to the start of each meeting.

FAQ #2:  Will I still receive the montly project if I can’t attend?

Yes.  Local members will be able to pick up the project with their orders.  Long-distance members will receive the monthly project, however, I do charge $5 to help cover additional shipping and handling fees.  Please note:  I am unable to stamp any images for you due to my contract with Stampin’ UP!  This should not effect your project too much as I usually do not create stamped focal points on the pages.  In the pages above, I have stamped flowers onto the dark cardstock, but your page would still be fine without the stamping.

Ready to join?  Have more questions?   Contact me today to join.


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