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For those that missed the Periscope tour last week, I'm sharing some of the pictures of my craft room.  Actually, I would call it more of a craft corner.  The space that I am using is about 7 ft by 8 ft.  I also have a craft desk and a closet, but I'm looking to sell the desk and reclaim the closet for non-stamping stuff.  The shelves and desk shown in the picture above are from Ikea.



On the top of one of the shelving units, I like to display some projects and photos that make me smile.  I've got a piece of my daughter's artwork, a couple of Stampin' Up! project kits, photos of friends and family, gifts and cards.  The creativity sign was made with vinyl and My Digital Studio, back in the day.  I keep it because it helps to explain when my area is a mess.  LOL



On the shelves, I organize my stamp sets alphabetically.  I only keep current stamps on the shelves, and remove them immediately once they retire.  You can also see some of my Project Life by Stampin' UP! kits, Paper Pumpkin Kits, and a few completed scrapbooks.



There is a lot going on in this picture, but this is where the magic happens.  On the top shelf, I have my sewing machine, Silhouette Cameo, Color Caddy filled with ink pads and refills, a ribbon holder, and the Stack & Store caddy for my embellishments.  The dress form was temporarily relocated here, so I'm not sure that she'll be staying.  The shelves are filled with card stock and punches.




Here is a close-up of the inserts that I purchased from Stamp-N-Storage.  There are 12 slots on the paper holders.  I place the individual 8-1/2" x 11" colors on each shelf, organized by color family.  Any 12" x 12" cardstock from that color family goes in the 11th slot, and the 12th slot is filled with that color family's Designer Series Paper Stack. 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my punch holders!  It is so nice to have them at my finger tips.  I was concerned that the smaller punches would slide too far back and be difficult to reach, but they've got a neat little trick for that.  When you order the punch holder, you receive spacers that will push your small and medium stamps forward.  Genius!

One more thing…..these units come fully assembled and fit perfectly into the Kallax shelves from IKEA. If you don't have this type of shelving, be sure to check out Stamp-N-Storage anyway.  They've got many other storage solutions available.




Tucked away in the corner is an IKEA Raskog cart that I use for my Big Shot.  I assembled the cart with the top basket upside down.  My big shot fits perfectly on top.  The lower baskets are filled with dies, cutting plates, embossing folders, etc.  Because it is on wheels, I can easily bring it out when I need it and roll it away when not in use.



Under my desk, I have a set of IKEA Alex drawers.  This is filled with Silhouette cutting mats and supplies, vinyl, and miscellaneous contraband (non-Stampin' Up! stuff).  When I am working with my Silhouette, I will wheel this out and place my Cameo on top for cutting projects.



This little cart isn't shown in any of my photos.  I purchased it years ago from a craft store and I know I've seen them recently online and in stores.  It's just a simple rolling cart with 8 drawers that will hold 8-1/2" x 11" paper.  I've labeled each drawer with a color family name (or white & vanilla), and this is where I keep all of my scrap paper.  It's nice to have it organized this way because I conserve a lot of full sheets of paper by checking my scrap drawers first.



The biggest benefit to having an organized space is that I can be a lot more creative without the chaos.  I know where to find everything and it's relaxing to sit at my desk to create now. 

I'm not finished, though. I've still got room for improvement and will be adding a few more things in the next couple of months. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Donna | 15th Feb 16

    This is everything wonderful! I love your detailed descriptions, thank you. How brilliant of you to have your Big Shot on an “upside down” basket; cool stuff! Thanks so much for sharing; it’s so pretty in there! 🙂

  2. Gretta | 26th Feb 16

    I love your craft room I am in Canada or I would buy some of your craft room things that you don’t want.

  3. Wendy Graves | 27th Feb 16

    Hi, I love your organization, Melissa! I love to be organized, too, and am in the process of reorganizing my reorganized craft space. I have a craft room/office combo that measures approx 10’x 10′ with a sliding glass door that leads out onto our covered patio. It’s wonderful to have the door open on spring or fall days and so I don’t feel quite so bad about not being outside during the nice weather. Regarding your stamp organization, do you keep your sets together or do you separate them? You mentioned that you keep them in alphabetical order. It looks like your DVD boxes are where you keep your stamps, is that correct? I keep mine in clear CD cases with a # and name of the stamp set on the edge and keep those in a covered CD box. I keep my coordinating dies in plastic sleeves with a corresponding # and to keep track of all of these I have stamped a piece of cardstock with each set onto it with, again, a coordinating # in a Simple Stories 6″ x 8″ album in page protectors. That way I can search through all my stamped pictures for just the right combination of stamps for my next card. Can you give me any tips on improving this type of organization. It has been a lot of work but so far it’s the best one I can come up with. I am confined to either a rolling desk chair or a 3 wheeled scooter and most everything has to be kept at shoulder height or lower. I, too, have a set of the Ikea Alex drawers and they are the greatest set of drawers that I have ever had! Thanks for sharing your craft space with us and I will be following you as much as possible!

  4. rosemarie | 27th Feb 16

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gina A | 9th Mar 16

    This is a beautiful space!! I wish I could “copy and paste” it into MY area!! =D

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