Variations of Watercolor Backgrounds



I am really loving the new Watercolor Pencils and I know that you are going to love them, too.  Today's video is a little experimentation with different combinations of paper & blending tools.  I took a couple of stills for you to see the finished results.



This one is probably my favorite combo, but I'm a sucker for anything glittery.  You can still see some of the scribble marks and the color does not spread or combine much.



Like I said in the video, the Thick Whisper White card stock is my new "go-to" when making cards.  I probably could have blended the scribble marks out more with the blender pen, but I wanted to keep the colors somewhat vibrant.



And finally, if you are a watercolor purist, this combination is for you.  I would have liked to have added more color before blending and been a bit neater with the mixing of the color.  Nevertheless, it's a cool look.

Which technique is your favorite?

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  1. Kathy Alt | 15th Jan 17

    Great comparison of all the options with the new pencils! Thanks my friend!

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