Back from Convention

Wow!  I can't believe how quickly convention came and went.  My head is still spinning!

I got back home very late on Sunday and figured I would hit the ground running on Monday.  Well, that's not what happened.

Bella wanted to have a "girls day", so on Monday we had a tea party, got our nails done, and took daddy out to lunch.  It was so much more fun than doing laundry, unpacking, or grocery shopping. 

Besides, I came home to a very full refrigerator.  Apparently my husband was paid in produce last week while I was gone—-cucumbers, blueberries, zuchini, green beans, cherries, cabbage, and more!  I love it when our patients and neighbors share their gardens with us.

I returned to work on Tuesday and life is slowly starting to feel normal again.  There are piles of laundry giving me dirty looks and new stamps begging to be played with.  Guess which one I'll tackle first?

I've had a few emails asking me about the Artisan Award.  Well, I wasn't selected for the Design Team…..again.  Apparently, I'm on a roll.  I'll just be the Susan Lucci of the Artisan Award.  ;0)

For those that don't know, to enter the contest you must submit 5 cards, 3 scrapbook pages, and 2 3-d items.  Stampin' Up receives hundreds of entries, then narrows the finalists down to 20.  At convention, the top 10 are announced and will be the company's design team for the next year.  I have been a finalist the last 2 years which is a huge honor.

Photo 1

Photo 2

This is me, standing as my name was announced.  You can also see Mercedes Weber standing just below my left shoulder.  :0) 

Photo 3

Below is a group shot of the finalists (minus 2) that we took right after our group swap.  That's me in the bottom row, far right.


At convention, we each had our entries on display.  Here is a picture of most of my entries….


You probably can't tell a whole lot about the individual projects, but don't worry!  We've got you covered!  All 20 finalists will be participating in a blog hop in a few weeks and we'll be sharing ALL of our projects with you.

Check back tomorrow and I'll share my Artisan swap.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Nancy Keithley | 24th Jul 13

    You are still one of my favorite scrapbookers – whether you continue to be the Susan Lucci of the DT (this cracked me up as I get this reference 🙂 or make the DT next year (that gets my vote) –
    you are still tops on MY personal DT when I go looking for great samples to inspire me!
    Keep it up, girlie, keep it up!!!

  2. Jeanna Bohanon | 26th Jul 13

    GIRL!!!! Please know I will ALWAYS be one of your biggest fans! I love coming to your blog for inspiration. You are an AMZING artist and just one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. It was great getting to spend even those few moments with you at Convention! Looking forward to all that you create! HUGS!!!!

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