My New Stampin’ Studio

The month of January brought some major changes to our family.  The week that I was suppose to be at Leadership in San Antonio, my daughter Bella was hospitalized and subsequently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.  I had already planned to be off from work that week, so it actually worked out well considering the circumstances.

That week she was in the hospital was a bit of a blur, but my husband and I knew we would need to make some significant changes in our family's diet and our work schedules.  It was decided that I would work 2 days per week until Bella returned to school in the Fall.  I would take care of the meal-planning and grocery shopping that had become a bit more complicated.  Now, if you know me, you know that I'm always doing SOMETHING and working part-time/cooking would eventually drive me crazy if I didn't have another "project".

Sometime during January we received a call from the property manager of our office building.  The space next to us had just become available and it was being offered to us first before showing it to anyone else.  It's a small space and we've had our eye on it for awhile.  We just didn't have a reason to expand our chiropractic office, but we also didn't want anyone else to have it.

My husband came home from work one night and asked if I thought I could cover the rent of the additional space by holding stamping classes there.  What an idea!  He is a brilliant man after all.  We went back and forth for several weeks, then finally decided to take the plunge.

The space needed a little work and a lot of cleaning.  The walls that were originally Baby Poop Yellow (yes, that's a real color) were painted a soft, light blue.  I added some Decor Elements to the walls, a few pieces of furniture from IKEA, tables, chairs, and VOILA!  A new stamping space for all of my classes.

There is plenty of parking, it is well-lit, safe, centrally-located in Kokomo off US 31, and close to many hotels and restaurants.  I look forward to hosting some scrapbooking weekends in addition to my regular classes.

So, after a lot of hard work, I held the first class this past Saturday.  My ladies enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the studio and most of them signed up for another class before leaving. 


If you are local to Kokomo, IN area, I hope that you'll join me for an upcoming class.  You can see my complete list of events by visiting

The Grand Opening for the new Stamp Studio will be on Saturday, May 12th.  I'll have more details to share with you soon.

Tomorrow, I'll share with you some of the projects that the ladies were making in the photo above.

Thanks for stopping by!



Question of the Day:  What should I name the new space?  I previously held classes at "The Stamp Shack" and this place is definitely NOT a shack.  I'm looking for some creative ideas from the most creative people I know.




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  1. carolyn Bennett | 16th Apr 12

    How about the stampin studio or the stampin doc?

  2. Kerry M | 17th Apr 12

    You are sooo lucky to have that space! How about The Craftin’ (Stampin’) Corner? The Creative Spot? Stampin’ Spot?
    BTW…hope your daughter is feeling well!

  3. Melissa | 17th Apr 12

    She is doing very well. Thanks for asking!

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